Farewell to Women’s Foodservice Forum

Dec 12, 2019 | 0 comments

Friends and colleagues,

In March I announced my plan to retire as CEO of Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) at the end of this year. I feel I’ve only had time to blink once before I opened my eyes again to see the end of 2019 already here. As we enter 2020, I’d like to say thank you and farewell!

My six years at WFF have been some of the most impactful of my entire career. I remember stepping into the interim CEO role in 2013 thinking “We have a lot to do,” and now I’m proud to pass the torch saying, “We’ve done quite a lot!” I am so privileged to have led an organization that equips women with competencies needed to advance into executive roles, because the world needs more of them! Businesses and the world in general stand to gain incomparable value by embracing wise, strong, ambitious women. To everyone involved with WFF during my time—from globally renowned researchers to the local entrepreneurial women—thank you for championing gender equity with me in the food industry. It’s been a privilege to work with each of you.

I am very excited to see Therese Gearhart take over as CEO. I know Therese will accomplish amazing things as she brings her international management experience, food industry knowledge, fresh perspective and enthusiasm for female leadership to WFF.

My very best wishes to WFF and women in the food ecosystem. I’ll be following your world-changing actions with enthusiasm!





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