CEO & President of T.D. Jakes Foundation

Follow Hattie as she leads the newly launched global foundation focused on filling millions of STEAM Jobs.  RETIRED 2023 job WELL DONE!


Women, Wisdom & Water

“Women who know what it is to be truly feminine are what the world needs more than ever.”

Let the transformation begin — learn what leadership and femininity truly mean to you in Hattie’s newest book. And connect with others on the same journey!



There are almost 7.5 billion people and 200 million businesses across the globe. Lots of connections to be made! With 30+ years of experience in international business, Hattie has worked with thousands of individuals and businesses and collected remarkable stories. Now, she helps link people to the resources and support they need to grow as leaders.


Words are a powerful tool. Fearlessly with intelligence and practicality, Hattie brings the most pressing conversations surrounding women to the surface. She encourages corporations and society to discuss the root causes and future solutions. Enacting change doesn’t work if the issue isn’t acknowledged and understood upfront.


It’s easy to talk the talk, but are you walking the walk? Hattie has the roadmap and the abundant energy to implement change that lasts, whether it be with C-suites or Gen Zers. Improving diversity and gender inclusion globally requires action and systemic changes.

Hattie’s first day at her dream job began with her boss tearing apart her self-esteem and attacking her education level and skin color. An ambitious African American woman, Hattie has faced prejudice and inequity throughout her career. But just as quickly as she encountered walls, she smashed through them with her resiliency and change-making mindset. Today, she’s a global thought leader in diversity and inclusion and gender equity, nonprofit president and CEO, accomplished entrepreneur, well-known speaker, author and corporate board member. She’s a well of wisdom and positive energy, a master at transforming individuals and organizations for the better, a visionary of equality worldwide and a strong believer that diversity and talent are the new currency of business.





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